Jimmy McGriff – I’ve Got A Woman Part 1

Download or Listen to Jimmy McGriff – I’ve Got A Woman Part 1 from the Jell Records 45

I have no idea where the week went, but I figured I’d end the week out with an artist I really dig. He is no stranger to Flea Market Funk, and a definite favorite artist of mine. In fact, I pick up everything I come across, cheesy or not. I originally posted something on McGriff here, so for a bit of background on the man, check that out. This particular record I picked up at the annual Ocean Grove Flea Market this Summer. It’s not really known for it’s vinyl. Number one, it’s more sausage trucks and crafts more than music. Number two, the guys who have the records, think that the Classic Rock they have is priceless. Riiiight. This record was unsleeved, and when I tried to sleeve it up he told me it was a dollar extra! Uh, Ok Mister-it’s-90-degrees-out-and-your-vinyl-is-melting. Thankfully, I rescued this side from Jimmy McGriff, a cover of Ray Charles’ “I’ve Got A Woman Part 1”, on Newark, N.J.’s own Jell Records..

Jimmy McGriff was a lot of things: multi-talented instrument player, former soldier, former police officer, a pioneer in Soul Jazz, and forever the experimentalist in the area of the Hammond B-3. He was one of Philly’s finest Jazz musicians right up until his death from multiple sclerosis in 2008. It is unfortunate that even though he was so close, I never got to see him live. “I’ve Got A Woman Part 1” starts off with that great Hammond sound, slowly, then McGriff busts through it like he was a guy in Pamplona running with the bulls. This side cooks people! It’s a great cover that I’m sure Ray Charles would have approved of. This is definitely a side that I’m sure McGriff busted out while playing in one of the many West Side of Asbury Park, NJ clubs during the 50’s and 60’s. There were over 40 in the prime of that time! This side goes out to my man Pat James Longo, aka Primitive Sound System, who’s going to be a guest at the August 14th Asbury Park 45 Sessions. We were speaking on how we can’t pass up McGriff sides. I’ll see you next week, have a great weekend. Keep Diggin’!

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