Free Thinking at Kush NYC Tonight!

It started in 2002.

It’s starting again in 2010.

Free Thinking is about blurring the boundaries. It’s about proper music. It’s a journey through a rich musical heritage. It’s about ignoring the conventions.

If it’s good, it’s in.

DJ Prestige, hailing from Asbury Park in New Jersey, is a purveyor of fine Funk and Soul, quality Hip Hop, plus anything else that’s Funky and Soulful. He’s kept an open mind as a DJ in his 15+ years of spinning records in big cities and small towns across America, trying to keep this music alive. Holding down several residencies in his hometown of Asbury Park, while also keeping dusty 45’s alive on, Free Thinking marks DJ Prestige’s return to regular spinning in New York City. He’s opened for artists from the Bad Brains, to the Budos Band, to the Killers to legendary MC Q-Tip and more, all along the way spreading the message through the music. Good Music. Free Thinking Music. It’s not just about entertaining, it’s about educating as well. Let’s not forget the foundations of yesterday that built the house that today’s music rests on. It’s his commitment to keep this music alive that makes him a Free Thinker.

James Poole is in self-imposed exile in New York City. Originating from Stoke-on-Trent in the industrial north of England, he was shaped by the music emerging from Manchester through the 80s and 90s, and the relentless sound of Motown in his family home. This clash of influences is at the heart of the Free Thinking philosophy. The strict conventions of genre shouldn’t rule what we listen to; it’s about a feeling. Sounds from Manchester in the 90s should be heard next to batucada. James has applied this outlook in New York and in the UK, including opening for acts such as 808 State and Manchester pioneers A Certain Ratio. Coming from an alternative perspective to most DJs on the NYC circuit, you can be sure to hear music that’s new to you, even if it’s from the early 70s. Good Music. Free Thinking Music. It’s about throwing the record crate in the air, seeing where it lands, and showing you what you may have missed. Let’s embrace the unknown, and see how joining the dots can lead to sounds that are fresh, regardless of their age. It’s his desire to push the boundaries that makes him a Free Thinker.

Bring an open mind. Be a Free Thinker.

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