Honey and the Bees – Why Do You Hurt the One Who Loves You

Download or Listen to Honey and the Bees – Why Do You Hurt the One Who Loves You from the Arctic 45

Greetings all in Flea Market Funk land. I’m coming back at you once again with some sweet Soul. I just finished up a mix for Larry over at Funky 16 Corners, and this is one of the tracks I put on it. When he puts it up, I’ll be sure to send you his way. It’s 48 minutes of pure Soul, all on 45. Should be a good time. Lots going on this week: Wednesday Tasty Beats over at the Annex in Asbury Park, followed by Thursday night in New York City at Kush for freethinking. Speaking of freethinking, I’ve teamed up with DJ James Poole for that night, and we now have a website where we talk about all kinds of music: Bring an open mind over there and tell me what you think! Let’s get back to the music over here at FMF, with Honey and the Bees “Why Do You Hurt the One Who Loves You” on Arctic Records.

Originally called the Yum Yums, Nadine Felder White, Cassandra Ann Wooten, Jean Davis and Gwen Oliver soon changed over to Honey and the Bees. In my opinion, a good move for an all girl Soul band. Before the change, they released (as the Yum Yums, a side on ABC-Paramount “It’s Gonna Be a Big Thing”, re-recorded by the Sapphires and the Kittens), and then swung over to Arctic Records in Philadelphia. While in Philly, these ladies had a pretty good backing band, with players that included Leon Huff, Norman Harris, Bobby Eli, and Ron Baker. There’s some Philly power players if I ever heard them. A handful of singles on Arctic (including the monster “Love Addict”), and pre-Arctic side on Academy, would lead them to Chess for one single, then Josie Records, home of the fabulous Meters. From ’70 to ’71 they had the distinct pleasure of sharing a label with these famous cats, and releasing about 6 sides before putting out two more on Bell. While they were together, Honey and the Bees played the circuit (like most of these Funk and Soul bands did), and opened up for National acts that came through the Philadelphia area. Time was not on their side, however, and the group disbanded in 1973. Gwen Oliver, who had met Fred Wesley when they played with James Brown, got married to him, and went on with Cassandra “Ann” Wooten and Cheryl Mason Jacks to form The Ritchie Family (with songwriter Ritchie Rome). They released three Disco sinles on Marlin, before Wooten and Jacks moved along to do session work for John Lennon and Yoko Ono on Double Fantasy.

Shuffling along, this little gem on Arctic showcases some great harmonizing, as well some upbeat drumming. It’s no “Love Addict”, but it is still Honey and the Bees. A long time favorite of mine, I’m excited that I picked this as the opening track on the guest list for Larry. Because really, you can never get enough of Sweet Soul in your life, can you? Have a great Holiday weekend here in the States, and I hope to see some of you over the weekend for sure. Keep Diggin’!

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