freethinking NYC Tomorrow Night 05.27.10

You know I love my music here at Flea Market Funk. In fact, I love it so much that I try to spread the word of this music around with the DJ nights I have been doing for the last 15+ years all over the country. Here’s a chance to check out a night in New York City. freethinking NYC is about blurring boundaries. It’s about proper music. It’s a journey through a rich musical heritage. It’s about ignoring the conventions. DJ James Poole and I take you on a journey through sound. From Stoke-on-Trent in the UK to Asbury Park, NJ to New York City and beyond, we combine Deep Funk, Soul, the Sounds of Manchester, Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop, Electronica and more to encourage you to do one thing: Bring an open mind. We’ve selected an inviting spot at Kush in the Lower East Side of Manhattan to spread the word of this music. Who says Gangstarr can’t be right along side of The Smiths, or Portishead next to Aretha Franklin? This night is all about the music, whether it’s something off the beaten path today, or a forgotten crate gem for the early 70’s, the music speaks for itself.

For more information, check out The FreeThinking Movement on the web. We’re spinning all things Funky from both sides of the Atlantic, and better yet, it’s FREE! Keep Diggin’!

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