We’re Back!

Ok FleaMarket Funkers….I know it’s been a minute, but FMF is officially back here at the old blogosphere. Back with a new look, a ton of new records, and some great surprises on the horizon. Where did you go, you might ask? Is this blog dead? Well, it wasn’t dead, and I didn’t go far. Huge news: I’m getting married! So with that, some real world moves must ensue, so I took a little break from FMF (even though I didn’t want to). I have been DJing a whole helluva a lot, which has limited my time to do some writing, and now splitting my time between Asbury Park, NJ and Brooklyn, NY. Always on a hustle and on a quest for that vinyl gold, I promise that the new and improved FMF, while not 3 to 4 reviews a week, will be at least once a week and have some new features. A huge new feature will be some other authors other than myself. I’ve got the best record guys doing guest reviews and mixes, so keep your eye out for some guest columns and Op-Ed pieces from all your favorite bloggers and DJ’s. This is going to be big. Let’s keep things movin’ in the ’10 right into ’11 and beyond. Thanks for your continued support. Keep Diggin’!!!


8 responses to “We’re Back!

  1. congrats on the wedding! I have been telling many europeans about you and I am glad your back in the saddle

    You are a DJ”s DJ.
    when we say your a Musicians Musician thats the ultimate compliment. So take it as the best compliment I can come up with for your style and dedication.

  2. Sounds great on all counts! We didn’t go anywhere. Please feel free to repeat those great stories about the crate-digging characters to used to come across, then post the music you found on those days.

  3. Great to see some new posts here. I was beginning to think the lack of posts had something to do with Liverpool’s poor form in the Premier League, but I’m pleased to see that’s not the case.
    Keep up this great blog!

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