The Devil’s Music FleaMarket Funk Mix: Yo Holmes!

This mix came down the pipe a bit ago while I was in the midst of doing the FMF makeover. Devil Dick has been a contributor to the Asbury Park 45 Sessions for some time now, and has been submitting heat filled Funk and Soul mixes here at FMF for a while as well. His Devil’s Music Blog is filled with many a fuzzy guitar and brings the 45’s, from Funk Rock to Rockabilly and beyond. He has been on fire with some posting lately, and I’m really excited he submitted this mix, the first submission for the new FMF. As usual, it’s chock full of goodies, most likely dug up in the swamps of Jersey and the streets of West Philadelphia. This guy is the king of calling me up after he gets a huge haul of Funk and Soul 45’s on a street corner in West Philly. 45’s in the hood, most likely bought out of some suitcase. A great digging partner, a real good guy, and all around guitar shredder, Devil Dick has unearthed some real good stuff this time. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Sounds from the Devil’s Music and Devil Dick. Keep Diggin’!

“Yo Holmes!” Tracklist

1- Willie & the Magnificents – Concerto In F Pt.1 – All Platinum
2- The Olympics – Baby Do The Philly Dog – Mirwood
3- Executive Suite – You Got It – Babylon
4- General Crook – Reality – Wand
5- Clarence Reid – Nobody But You Babe – Alston
6- Harvey Clark & the Dawn Monet Singers – Do Your Thing – Kapp
7- Pan Earth – Mandingo – Family Spirit
8- Freddy Scott & the Four Steps – Same Ole Beat – Marlin
9- The Triumphs – Burnt Biscuits – Volt
10-Dynamic Corvettes – Key to My Happiness – Abet
11-Nu-Sound Express Ltd. – Aint It Good Enough – Silver Dollar

Download or Listen to Yo Holmes! Mix for FMF by Devil Dick from the Devil’s Music

2 responses to “The Devil’s Music FleaMarket Funk Mix: Yo Holmes!

  1. 6- Harvey Clark & the Dawn Monet Singers – Do Your Thing – Kapp

    WOW what a good track. sophisticated syncopation,live sound feel. Yo Holmes

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