The Stylers – Soul Cha Cha

Since moving to Brooklyn I have gotten a little bit of digging in. Some Jazz Lps here, some Hip Hop 12″ there, a Reggae 7″ or two over here. I do have a local Thrift, which I christened the Spot II. It’s a hole in the wall, with tons of books, clothing, etc. My first excursion there got me a pile of 80’s and 90’s Hip Hop. It’s been sparse though, only coming through with a Marlin release that I will showcase sometime in the future. This past week DJ Prime Mundo came through, we made a mix, and hit up the Spot II. Kinda slim pickens except for a huge grip of Chinese records. I didn’t have my portable, so we guessed on a few. Prime Mundo looked like he grabbed the best one, a Chinese version of “Apache”. Unfortunately the records were switched and he got burnt. I, however, grabbed an Lp by the Stylers. It was a gamble (a cheap one at that), but I noticed that there were a bunch of different genres in English and Chinese. How could you go wrong with labels such as “Go Go”, “Soul”, and “Quick Step”? Obviously some kind of dance record. Why not? Turned out to be a pretty good score. I actually went back because we saw a guy dropping off a whole cart of records. As I was digging through piles, getting dirty, kneeling on the floor, I felt a pair of eyes behind me. As I was flipping a stack, I hear “Excuse Me”. I look up and the guy goes: “I wanted that record.” I said, “Seriously?” I’m obviously going through this stack, and you see a Beatles record and you’re gonna get right in my pile?” By this time I had finished the stack and he was trying to get an idea of what was in there, asking a bunch of questions. I got my records together and started to leave. There was no Beatles record in the sleeve, and the herb was put off by someone who knew what he was doing. I felt like I was back at the Spot! Digging etiquette people, digging etiquette, especially in a shit hole. I found a few other records, mostly classic Hip Hop 12″s, and bounced. Never a dull moment at FMF.

Let’s get back to this record. From what I gather, The Stylers were a band from Singapore during the 60’s and 70’s. John Teo (vocals) Robert Song (percussionist/ vocals), Randy Lee (guitar), Douglas Tan (bass), Alvin Wong (drums), They released a whole slew of records, Pop, Surf, etc. and were known to have backed up many a girl group. They went on to be one of the top instrumental groups in Singapore of their time. Their exploration of the dance instruction record is quite interesting. Not necessarily some Deep Funk or Soul, but some cool instrumentals to shake up the end of the month. If anything, this record proves (and I don’t have to tell you), that there is some Funk and Soul everywhere you go. This particular side reminds me of the soundtrack to some Quentin Tarantino grind house rip off combined with those highly artsy newer surf movies that have come out in 16 mm. Whatever the case, a curve ball here at FMF couldn’t hurt anybody!

Download or Listen to The Stylers – Soul Cha Cha from the Yelp lp

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