Reggie Stepper – Cu Oonuh mislabeled as Colin Roach!

The real artist, record mislabeled as Colin Roach!

Colin, send me an old dancehall photo of yourself please!

*****UPDATE! After much more digging, I found that this record was mislabeled as Colin Roach (as many labels in JA were). Intro by Fuzzy Jones. Enjoy Reggie Stepper with Cu Oonuh!!

Piles and piles of 45’s have been lining up my lab. I even brought some more out of the closet. It was here that I unpacked my gig box, which I switch out 45’s constantly. However, with the move, etc., records have been filed away. After I did the mix with Prime-Mundo, I decided to keep the box out. This record was one I had to pull out. I believe I bought this at the Spot, but at the time I can’t recall from who. It might have been Grumpy Graham or maybe even Psych Dave…but I digress. Snow predicted here in NYC tonight. That’s right I said snow, but really, I’m ready for the warmer weather. If I can’t have the warm weather for real, at least I can get into the mind set. Here’s Colin Roach with “Lately” on the Techniques label.

Colin Roach was born in Jamaica in 1963. From the age of 11, where he started out as a drummer for such record labels as Tuff Gong, Channel One, and Dynamic Sounds, his music career started to take off. Drawing influences from everyone from Stevie Wonder to Sly Dunbar to Dennis Brown, he would go on Jamaica’s version of the Chitlin Circuit: the hotel and stage show tour of Jamaica. As a member of the band Black Culture, he would spend a good amount of time on this circuit. As a member of the Zenith Band, he would be involved in the famous Reggae Sunsplash 1984 at Jarrett Park in Montego Bay. His career changed though, as he moved on to the Tony D’Costa Affair, where he would be encouraged to be a singer. This move altered his place as a musician in Reggae history, as Roach would go go on to lend his vocal stylings to King Jammy’s, Stereo Mar and Stereo One sound systems. Known for his 1986 Dancehall hit “Champion Sound” (which is a cracker of a side over the Kuff aka Magic Moment Riddim), Roach put out a string of 7″s on Jammy’s as well as Moodies as well as being featured on Greensleeves, VP, Super Poer and Hawkeye compilations.

Like a lot of records from the 80’s that came out of a DJ’s crate, the name of this record and artist were blackened out with a Sharpie. Not blackened out enough, but I’m sure still effective in a dimly lit club. Using the famous Stalag 17 riddim (used by such artists as Big Youth, Sister Nancy, Tenor Saw, and almost everyone else in Reggae), Roach rides it out pon a fine Dancehall style. I’m sure after this side was dropped, the next day “dem hat it up lass nite” was heard all over town. Produced by Winston Riley, who was no slouch as a performer or producer, on his own label Techniques. Riley definitely produced hits in the Dancehall. Mega hits. From “Ring the Alarm” to “Boops” to “Double Barrel” and beyond, Riley took veterans and newcomers alike and made them all sound good. “Lately” is a nice little gem, while not so popular on the Stalag riddim tip, for me it’s one, a great use of the riddim, and two, a nice change. Hope this side warms up your day a bit. Keep Diggin’!

Listen or Download Colin Roach – Lately from the Techniques 45

One response to “Reggie Stepper – Cu Oonuh mislabeled as Colin Roach!

  1. Great find! Love the fact that the name is blacked out by the DJ, although a lot of those jamaican 45s also just had the wrong label on them when they left the pressing plant & were “corrected” by hand. This does look like an example of the Dj trying to keep it a secret though, especially since it was found in NY.

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