Take Me Away Fast

I’m always on the look out for cool record related documentaries here at Flea Market Funk. From Lords of Diggin’ to Scratch to Second Hand Sureshots to this little piece that came through the pipe: Take Me Away Fast, directed by Leigh Iacobucci. I was just talking about this guy today to a friend, commenting on how I’d love to get him for my Big Ups series. Lo and behold! this trailer comes my way. I do not know Frank Gossner, but he is known in record circles as Voodoo Frank. His VoodooFunk site documents his journeys throughout Africa to find the best (and sometimes only) African Funk and Afrobeat records left. I have maximum respect for this guy for preserving this music, let alone going to Africa to dig for this stuff. Talk about crate digging to the extreme! Big Ups for sure. At any rate, even if this is a late pass on this movie, I’m putting it up now because I find it really interesting. I hope that you do too. If anyone has any other information regarding this project, release dates, etc., please pass them on to me so I can share. Keep Diggin’!

One response to “Take Me Away Fast

  1. As far as I know, this project is dead. The film maker made the quoter on Sonic Bids, mailed out dvds to donors and put the lid on it. Too bad, looked like a promising little doc. Perhaps someone will post it online one of these days. Good luck.

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