Happy Birthday Roc Raida

“To all you trendy DJs asking who Roc Raida is…sell your turntables, Serato box, latop, and disappear.” – J. Rocc

Yes it has been almost 2 years since Grandmaster Roc Raida’s untimely passing. An integral part of the The X-Ecutioners crew, I remember listening to mixes asking myself: “How the fuck does he do it?” Press rewind on the VCR again and again, because each time you still say “Damn!”. One talented DJ who is sorely missed, and today we pay a little FMF tribute to the man they called Raida. Here’s a few videos of the legend doin’ his thang. Happy Birthday, and Rest In Peace.

Roc Raider (check the video spelling) US DMC 1994

Roc Raida DMC 1996

Killing it with Red Bull in Oakland

Check Out my man Mike McLauglin’s Photos of Roc Raida:

More photos here. Thanks Mike!

Keep Diggin’!

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