This Just In: Flea Market Funk Invades the Ace Hotel NYC

After a little hiatus, I’ll be back for the month of June (every Friday night from 8 ’til 2am) over at the Ace Hotel in New York City. This place is one of my favorite spots, and this time I will be bringing my Friday night Tasty Beats party to the lobby of the Ace. Originally I wanted to do an all 45 night (and I may do that for one of the 4 nights), but six hours of 45’s is quite a feat, so I’ll be mixing it up like the Tasty Beats party: plenty of good Funk and Soul, Classic Hip Hop, Reggae and Tasty Beats of all kinds. For all of you Jersey cats who have been asking when I’m in NYC, here’s your chance to represent. Let’s not forget the atmosphere, the Breslin’s slamming menu (best hamburger on this side of the world), and well, some good music. More details as they come about, but for now we have the flyer up top. Keep Diggin’!

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