Anatomy of a Sample and Dylan Turns 70

As you well know, Flea Market Funk has aways honored the ladies and gentlemen of Funk, Soul, Jazz, and Reggae. From time to time, we do throw some Rock in, because really, who doesn’t enjoy some Rock? Today’s post honors one of the greats in Rock and well one of the best in Hip Hop, sampling, culture references, and just plain cool. We’re talking about the mighty Bob Dylan, who turns 70 today, and of course the “grandpas rappin’ since eighty three”, the Beastie Boys. On Paul’s Boutique, the B Boys sampled Johnny Cash (among many, many, others). On Check Your Head, they brought it back to NYC, and sampled Dylan. Ok, just some spoken word off of “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues”, but it’s still Dylan. I still can’t believe no one has sampled that piano and drums off the beginning before the vocals start. This tune also includes samples from Cerrone’s “Rocket In the Pocket”, 5th Dimension “Let the Sun Shine In” (sped up), Roland Kirk “Freaks of the Festival” (Ah Ah Look at it!), and Johnny Hammond “Breakout”, as well as the aforementioned Bob Dylan. So raise a glass to the one and only Robert Zimmerman, and while you’re at it, say Cheers to the Beasties for using this sample and making that sample right on point. On a side note, since I have missed a few key people in concert, I decided that when Dylan rolled through my city a few years ago, I’d take him in. Big mistake. Worst concert I have ever been to, and if it couldn’t get any worse, Patti Smith and I were juggling for position in the VIP area. But at least I got to see him. I was hoping that night he would have taken me back to New York City (in the 60’s) at that concert, but I do believe I done had enough. Happy Birthday Bob. Keep Diggin’!

Download or Listen to Beastie Boys – Finger Lickin’ Good from the Grand Royal Lp Check Your Head


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