With a Little Bit of Gold and A Pager: The Midnight Eez

The older days of the music industry used to be so simple. A chance run in on the street with a producer or DJ was the equivalent of Twitter, Tumblr, e-mail, or even the internet of today. That’s what happened when two aspiring Hip Hop producers in ’95 or ’96 (the story isn’t clear) approached half of Dublin’s All City Records crew (DJ Splyce) outside of the Mecca of Hip Hop, Fat Beats (who unfortunately shut doors but maintain a tight presence of the web right now). Rumor has it that they gave a hand written cassette tape with a pager number on it. That’s it. Fast forward to now, the tape was unearthed in a move, the pager number long since disconnected, and this little slice (pun intended) of instrumental 90’s Hip Hop gets a proper vinyl release. The record itself, is not going to catch the ear of a younger Hip Hop fan today. There’s no auto tune, no spazzed out 72 bpm beat that you can get busy (I am showing my age) up in the clurb to. However, this thing will appeal to the mature, more producer/beat digger oriented listener. Think DJ Krush circa Krush Ep meets Pete Rock’s Petestrumentals while simultaneously letting Thes One work an additional MPC60 and the vintage Midas board. Tracks like “Last Chance”remind me of a fuzzed out Slick Rick and “Hey Young World” over a looped piano riff, while “Midnight Anthem” starts out with the fervor of a Fela-like vocal sample before morphing into a dream world of down tempo drums and percussion, quite content on taking you on their version of a Hip Hop ride, and “How It Started” lifts Raekwon and channels the Wu to come through with the most rugged beat of them all, letting you know that Midnight Eez is definitely reppin’ Hip Hop in the mid 90’s. There are 14 tracks on this record, and while it may sound dated to some people, I’d like to think that a sound like Midnight Eez put out is timeless. Can you tell it’s from the 90’s? Hell yes. Is it a bad thing? Hell no. One of the best times in Hip Hop besides the beginning of this movement, and I can listen to that sound all day. Who knows where these cats would be, or who would have been rhyming over these beats? I can hear Guru, I can hear Jeru, I can hear Camp Lo over these tracks. Hell, I can ever hear Tip, but that’s just me. That being said, sit back, relax, and let the All City Crew take you back with an uncovered Hip Hop gem to start your weekend.

Take a listen to “Childhood Memories” – If it wasn’t for the bronx this rap shit wouldn’t be goin on so tell me where you from………

If you dig this track, then go support and buy the record from All City Records here

3 responses to “With a Little Bit of Gold and A Pager: The Midnight Eez

  1. great post and great track, i wanna say im a hip hop guru but i know very little of the movement outside of what’s on the radio today, which I’m not really sure what its called anymore, hip-pop maybe i dunno. But whenever i hear a track or song from “back when hip hop was good” I can clearly hear the difference, and thanks for sharing this. playin on repeat haha

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