Digging for Super Size Art

Super Size 7″!

Now and again I’ll see a blip on Twitter or a link on Facebook and click it. Sometimes I get lucky, other times I definitely do not. This time is one where I got lucky, and was really happy that I took the time to check this out. I love everything vinyl here at FMF. Whether it be the records, the advertisements that went with them, the culture, t-shirts, whatever I can get my hands on. I am especially excited when people use records in their art or design, and Super Size Art has really gone to great lengths to do so, down to every last detail.

The artist Morgan Howell

Morgan Howell hails from St. Albans in the UK. He lives with his partner Jacquie, and their two boys Isaac and Aidan. By day, Howell runs an advertising agency called the Teds Agency. When not doing running the agency, he is an artist. A damn good artist at that. Howell produces his own Super Size Art. Giant paintings on canvas made to look like 3D 7″ singles. The Supersize are a 27″ square, while the Oversize are slightly smaller at 16.5″. You can choose from artists like Marvin Gaye, The Stones, The Who, The Four Topps, Black Sabbath, The Shadows, Special AKA, and more. These look completely real, from the record label to the actual record sleeve. Spot on, a great look for any vinyl or music enthusiast. Folds, creases and the like are all present as on any record sleeve that’s been handled, as well as the original sleeve artwork that is incredible. His catalog is growing each week, and I’d like to put in a request to have him do “The Champ” by the Mohawks because that sleeve is dynamite. I’m sure a lot of Beat Heads would drool over that one! For more information, check out the Super Size Art Site, maybe you’ll find that elusive 7″ (ok a huge version to hang on your wall) you’ve been digging through flea markets, boot sales, and garages for all this time.

Legendary Producer Don Letts with his Clash 7″. Letts took Joe Strummer to the show that inspired the record.

For more information, photos, and Super Size Art Social Media, check the links below.

Super Size Art Facebook page.

Follow Super Sizer Art on Twitter.

Keep Diggin’!

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