Guess Who’s Back?

I’ve always been a fan of Nas. Whenever I played out, I’d say he is the most requested Hip Hop artist I have been asked to play (if I’m taking requests). From “Represent” to “NY State of Mind” to “It Ain’t Hard to Tell” (Hot white label remix with the MJ beat) to “If I Ruled the World” to “Street Dreams” to his lines on “Live at the BBQ” to “Made You Look” to “I Can” to “Hip Hop is Dead”, and yes, even some “Nastradamus” (gotta admit the original JB sample is that good). The Damian Marley collabo (especially the Tiny Tempeh remix) was the last thing he did that caught my attention. Nas has done so much in his 9 record career, including his many beefs (50 Cent, Benzino, TuPac and Jay-Z among others), even a few years ago the collabo with the Beasties on “Too Many Rappers” got a decent nod (and Grammy nomination) before the damn record was even out. Nas may have had his ups and down in his career, a shot at Rap Pop, but he was always still one of the illest brothers in the game. Maybe he never fell off, but merely took a break. He just dropped this track “Nasty”, off of his upcoming release Life Is Good. Nasir, Nasty, Esco, whatever you call him, this track is hot: heavy drums, great flow, and I love the mid song horn break (duh duh duh duh), Produced by long time Nas collaborator/ producer Salaam Remi, if the rest of the record is dope like this, guess who’s back?

Listen or Download Nas – Nasty

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