M fasis aka Crack Beats: Adventures in Dreamville

Close to 15 years ago, I was a co-owner of a store in Red Bank, NJ called Soul Sauce. It was a place where a lot of people gathered. From skateboarders to DJ’s to Hipsters to misfits, they came in every day of the 5 years we were open. We were an alternative to the mall stores, and what now is common place, we ran a lifestyle store. Skateboards and accessories, clothing labels like Fuct and Upper Playground (in it’s infancy), records new and used, graff supplies and a whole lot more. With a lounge in the back that had all vintage furniture and turntables, this is where I learned to DJ seriously. Our in store after hours parties grew into my first steady DJ night called the Soul Circuit, and the rest as they say, is history. We had a good run, were way ahead of our time, and I’d like to think that during that time we helped shape the scene in regards to music, clothing, and the lifestyle while we did our own thing. That being said, a lot of people passed through those doors: Friends, enemies, and the like. Unfortunately, as I got older, I lost touch with many of the people that were associated with the Sauce. People drift apart, get married, move on with their life. That’s the sad but true fact. However, out of all the cats that used to roll through, I can count on one hand the people I have forged a life long friendship with. This guy is one of them.

I remember walking into my store, and here’s this guy behind my turntables, not in the service area, but behind my decks, looking through the 30 crates or so of records. Now, I was pretty careful not to let a lot of the fruit of my labors just waltz out the door. There was some theft (and you know who you are cocksucker, lifting my Roots Do You Want More???! white label promo I got for a quarter and my original Illmatic, when I know you don’t even DJ. Hey I’m not bitter though. Lol.) now and again, so I was taken back when I saw someone there. I walked back there and we clicked instantly, and my man Milton and I have gone on to do many projects over the years. I still remember him walking in with a rolled up Wax Poetics number 1 in his back pocket, and us talking for hours about records, good Hip Hop, producers, love, life, and everything under the sun. We would eventually collaborate when he joined the Asbury Park 45 Sessions, and we have talked about doing an all beat record for ages, so I need to get my ass in gear and get sampling. He’s also promised to whip my ass into shape on the MPC, so I like that. Milton Fakondo aka M fasis aka Crack Beats has been working hard. Digging all over the Tri-State area for those dusty 45s to play out, sample, and chop them up into his latest creation. M fasis makes beats. Good beats. If you’re listening closely, you can hear all the influences: Pete Rock, Dilla, Shadow with a little Rock and Roll attitude of Kiss and Prog Rock beats among others. Let’s not forget the Golden Age Hip Hop sound. Mash this all up together and you have Crack Beats. He goes from a Flamenco sample to flipping De La Soul vocals to Psych to heavy drums, Jazz, and beyond. I’m not just saying that because he’s my friend. The kid has got some talent, and the dedication and effort shines through his work.

I just wanted to give props to a DIY dude, my dude, who has always done it his way, always supported whatever I did, and is an all around great guy. Proud to call this man my friend and a colleague. He has got some great stuff over at his Soundcloud page, so why not check him out? One of these days I will get better at making beats, so look for the collabo between Flea Market Funk x M fasis some day soon.

Check out his Big Ups interview I did on him a few months ago.

Keep Diggin’!

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