Small Professor – Elderly Jawns

Dilla became the king of the short beat tape. No longer was it necessary to loop 5 minutes of “Impeach the President” or the Touissant version of “Get Out My Life Woman” (although the Joe Williams version with the horns is still ok in my book too), Jay Dee said fuck it, you’re gonna get 1 and a half minutes, 2 minutes tops. If you don’t get the beat in that time, you will never get it. If I think back, Dilla, besides being one the greatest Hip Hop producers of all time, invented what I like to call, the Twitter Beat, 2 minutes or less (as in 140 characters or less). If you can’t expose the sample (chopped or otherwise) and bring it to life in that time, then why bother? We all know Dilla’s catalog, and the genius of the short beat tape with 30 tracks that bang. Madlib and others followed (and/or collaborated, however you want to look at it). This example has introduced a new format to the producer of today: short and sweet beats. We’ve seen it previously here on FMF with guys like M.Fasis, who craft beats in the same manner (a nod to, not a bite). I woke up this morning with this fresh goodness before I even had my cup of morning tea:

“Salutations. I am sending this email in the hopes that you will give my new sounds a gander, and if you feel so moved, to post on your site. This is the second in a series of “Jawn” (philly slang) themed albums; this one features nothing but instrumentals that were sitting around collecting hardrive dust for some time now before I decided to grant them their freedom. It’s really more a compilation than album, but was arranged with coheisveness in mind (however, feel free to shuffle! i wont be offended…that much). Anyways, i hope you enjoy, and thank you for your time”

Who is this mysterious beat maker named Small Professor? Without the explanation of “Jawn”, we know he’s from Philly. A little more digging and Jamil Marshal aka Small Professor has been on the scene for a minute. Small Pro is, from his Seclusiasis Records biography “a crate digger at best, sampling rare grooves and forgotten soundtracks into new skool beats. Think Blockhead, DJ Shadow or RJD2 in their prime. He’s not scared of odd time signatures or unorthodox song structures either. However, regardless of whatever direction a Small Pro song takes, it always works and you can bob your head along. After a slew of mixtapes, Slowbus was his first official release. He’s currently working production for a number of MCs.” If he’s been under the radar for a bit, it’s now time to unleash the beast people. Every beat on this second in the Jawn series is hot. I’m hearing all kinds of samples: Skull Snaps, Soul Searchers, and The JB’s to name a few. Classic drums and breaks flipped in a Golden Age style for 2011. On a whole, Small Pro has released a great effort here people, and what’s better, it’s free. The drums are hard hitting and well crafted throughout, and the samples obscure or otherwise, let the listener know that although the word small is in his name, the beats and sound is quite large my friends.

According to Small Pro, this track is the crowd pleaser:

Download Elderly Jawns for free here.

Check out the first in the Jawns series Beats & Rhymes Jawns

Keep Diggin’!

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