Ernie Paniccioli Needs Your Help

Do you remember shots like this?

Photo courtesy of Ernie Paniccioli

Even if you don’t, Brooklyn photographer Ernie Paniccioli has been documenting graffiti and Hip Hop culture since the mid 70’s through the lens of his camera. He has photographed everyone, and I mean everyone. From the early days of Grandmaster Flash at the Roxy to artists such as Biggie, Tupac, Lauryn Hill and more, Paniccioli has forever captured the essence of the lifestyle of Hip Hop. His book Who Shot Ya from 2002, which is filled with Hip Hop’s who’s who is a certified classic. Check out what some of these artists have to say about Ernie:

“Ernie Paniccioli has been that archivist of the urban emotion covering the years leading to the millennium and beyond. His work and integrity and hustle have long provided that window to the Hip Hop world that was necessary to exchange the culture way before big budget videos. We thank him for pushing our faces to the world”
Chuck D, Public Enemy

“Mr. Paniccioli documented the only true representation of authentic Hip Hop history to date. He photographed the rise of the greatest inner city movement of the last 27 years of the 20th Century. The God of Hip Hop photography.”
KRS1, The Temple of Hip Hop

“We the Hip Hop World Nation and Beyond Earth must always respect our brother for what he has offered to our World Hip Hop Nation and that is his science of taking fantastic pictures of our Hip Hop World. All praise Due to the Supreme Force for our warrior, father, thinker, teacher, speaker, historian, powerful photographer. The Hip Hop Photo King”
Afrika Bambaataa, Universal Zulu Nation

Now it’s time to give back. Just as Kool Herc has battled some health problems of his own and the community rallied to help him, the God of Hip Hop Photography needs our help. Ernie Paniccioli has cancer, and according to a website Organized by The Life Goes On Foundation:

“Legendary Hip Hop photographer Ernie Paniccioli has cancer and over the next 5 weeks will be doing radiation therapy 5 days a week. He has already incurred medical bills over $40,000. If you could help promote this page in any way or give any amount regardless of how small, we would really appreciate it. Currently he has over 4 thousand friends on Facebook. If each person donated $10 we could raise 40k almost immediately. Please feel free to donate more, but if all you can donate is a couple dollars or even ONE dollar, that will help. Let’s show Ernie that Hip Hop takes care of its own!

Go to HERE to donate to help a legendary Hip Hop documentarian.

Thanks for your support. Keep Diggin’!

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