Action Bronson vs. Meatopia

I told you that Action Bronson was no friggin’ joke. You think I’m kidding? When I did the post months ago about the new face of real NYC Hip Hop, I wasn’t playing. The guy of course is a connoisseur of all things Hip Hop as well as anything to do with the kitchen. I’m not talking about the old feed a family of 4 on $2 a day a la Ghostface, I am talking the best of the best in gourmet food. This particular instance is Meatopia, NYC’s festival of everything meat. Bronsolino holds court and is equally comfortable waxing poetic about European sausage as he is rapping about Barry Horowitz and Queens. Whether it’s hanger steak, beef cheek with al dente rice, oxtail stew or cevapi, (look that shit up) Action Bronson may be bigger than Mario Batali after this escapade. Without blinking he can tell you cuts of meat, side dishes, and wine pairings like he was running the kitchen in Eataly. When Bronson blows up, you’ll hear my voice saying: “I told you so”. This guy is a monster. He’s a guy I’d not only like to interview over some good BBQ, but cook a gourmet meal with. Send it. Let’s break some bread and chew the fat my brother. Keep Diggin’!

Highsnobiety TV – Action Bronson Visits Meatopia from Highsnobiety on Vimeo.

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