Chuck D: NOTIS aka Know This

If you’re reading this now, you all have been privy to the phenomenon known as “Otis”. That’s Kanye and Jay Z’s Watch the Throne sampling possibly the best Soul singer in the history of man. Let’s get this straight, the beat is straight fire. Of course it’s Summer, and Jay Z has the city of New York in a choke hold for like the 10th+ time. Although the internet is going crazy for this tune, I would disagree with Jay though, everything is not for sale. There have been a lot of Hip Hop purists that are attacking this leak off the upcoming collaboration between the two, not to mention freestyles (and diss tracks) over the beat from everyone from The Game to Tinie Tempeh. However, I think that Jay and ‘Ye should really take a page from Otis and really try a little tenderness. They’re influential, and maybe they might be able to promote something a little more than swag, smoking cubanos with Castro in Havana, and Hublot watches (that cost 5 figures). I don’t know why the only thing I can see good about this record is my man Ted Smooth’s At the Party Remix, but apparently “Otis” also struck a nerve with Chuck D. A true gentlemen of this Hip Hop game, an ambassador to the lifestyle, and someone who has paved the way for Jay Z and Kanye, Chuck D says no disrespect on this track, but encourages you to listen. I could not agree more. One again, for all the non-believers out there, Chuck D let’s you know: “What goes on”.

Chuck D – Know This

Otis Redding “Try A Little Tenderness Live”

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One response to “Chuck D: NOTIS aka Know This

  1. That Try A Little Tenderness video clip is Otis last appearence right before he died in the plane crash. I believe Otis and the Bar Kays left that taping and took the plane to a show later that night but never made it.

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