Forty Fivan Vol. 4 by Fortyfivan

I remember back in the day, a cat named DJ Ferrari would put out this killer mixes on Soul Strut. These mixes were blended perfectly, great selection of records, and just the right amount of tasteful cutting and scratching. I got a message from him earlier today, explaining he had changed from DJ Ferrari to Fortyfivan. I loved the guy’s mixes before, and I’m even more excited to hear his stuff again. When you’re getting shout outs from dudes like Z-Trip and Thes One, praising you for your skills, you are absolutely doing something right.

“ “You’re known here as the guy with great taste in records”
” – Thes One (People Under the Stairs)

Here’s more from his bio:

“Forty Fivan, formerly known as DJ Ferrari, is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier rare groove DJs and vinyl collectors creatively spinning the best and rarest funk and soul records from around the world. Highly regarded for his deep and diverse record collection, Forty Fivan has played shows all around the world including exotic locations like Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro.
When not scouring the globe for obscure vinyl, Forty Fivan remains beyond busy in the fast paced Silicon Valley technology world as both the Head of Digital Publishing for ACCESS, a global provider of advanced software solutions for connected devices, and the CEO & Founder of Maravil, a creative technology and services provider working with independent musicians and record labels to create personalized mobile apps.
As a technologist and purist combined, Forty Fivan preserves the integrity of the original artifacts of vinyl, while embracing the benefits of enhanced technology to represent the spirit of independent music from the past, present and future. Never one to compromise in musical tastes, Forty Fivan remains a trusted selector amongst those with a discerning ear for proper soul.”

Just what we like here at Flea Market Funk, this mix is an absolute keeper. You know that I try my best here at FMF to showcase the best in DJ’s, mixes, and music, and Fortyfivan is on point with this gem. Blast this as you’re enjoying your end of Summer weekend.

Forty Fivan Vol. 4 Tracklist

Motherhood – Soul Town
Scorpio & His People – The Unforgiven
Bobby Reed – The Time is Right For Love
Eddie & Ernie – Bullets Don’t Have Eyes
TSU Toronadoes – Got To Get Through To You
Four Sonics – Easier Said Than Done
Tony Clarke – Ghetto Man
Total Experience – Contradiction
Honey B’s – What Love Can Do
Black Velvet – An Earthquake’s Coming
Honey Ltd – Silk n Honey
Mighty Lovers – Ain’t Gonna Run No More
Rosetta Hightower – A Little More Line
Rose Williams – Whatever makes My baby Feel Good
Curtis the Brothers – You Make Everything Better
Eddie Bo – Getting to the Middle
Explosions – Garden of Four Trees
Fellows – Let’s Make it Last
Summits – Sleepwalking
Fabulous Souls – Take Me
Waymond Hall – What Will Tomorrow Bring
The Arcades – There’s Got to Be a Loser
Connie Tanzell – Don’t Knock Me
Stone Coal White – Free

The Records Used:

Keep Diggin’!

More about Fortyfivan on his website.

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