Buttery Labor Day Rawness: Brooklyn Fireproof Outdoor Party

Looking for something to do this Labor Day? FMF has exactly what you’re looking for. My dude David Schrier has got another Labor Day spectacular party going on again. When I was living in Jersey I could never make these, but now that I am in BK, well I’m gonna have to get to them. These outdoor parties have been the hit of the last few Summers, and this one seems it may out do all the rest. Headlining are Large Professor and Neek the Exotic. For those of you unfamiliar, Large Pro (or Xtra P if you prefer), producer extraordinaire, member of Main Source (“Lookin’ Out the Front Door”, “Just Hangin’ Out”, etc.) was making beats for the likes of Eric. B and Rakim while y’all were in diapers. That’s just the start, how about Nas, Pete Rock, Mobb Deep? Should I go on? Neek the Exotic has been riding with the Xtra P for a minute, can I get the instrumental of this? Lord Finesse and Edan both are doing DJ sets. I’ve been seeing Edan all over NYC as of late, from the Hot Peas & Butta 3rd Year Anniversary to the NYC opening of the Tribe documentary at the Sunshine, plus this performance at Southpaw. Lord Finesse, well is Lord Finesse. If he’s DJing a set, let’s just say he’ll be Diggin’ In The Crates, knowhutimsayin’? K-Def, “one of the most wrongly slept on Hiphop producers of the 90’s” will be doing live beats and throwbacks as well. There will also be DJ sets from DJ Akalepse (one of BK’s best DJ’s IMHO, check him out in my man Eilon’s Dust and Grooves from 2010) and DJ Moss Bro. You may ask yourself, why should I go to some outdoor party when I could say, be at the beach? Let me answer it for you. You will not see this kind of talent all together in NYC outdoors in a long while. We have professors (literally) and educators of this music game teaching class, spinning records you will not hear anywhere else, while you sip cocktails and enjoy the end of the Summer party. Plus, there are exclusive vinyl giveaways from ReDef and Slice of Spice Records and clothing giveaways from Boundless NY. Think of this as a Public Service Announcement from your friendly neighborhood record slinger.

September 5th
Brooklyn Fire Proof
119 Ingraham St.
Bushwick, Brooklyn
L Train To Morgan

Starts at 1pm

RSVP here

Keep Diggin’!

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