We Like It Like That: The Story of Latin Boogaloo

This past Summer at Summerstage in Central Park, Johnny Colon and Joe Bataan played live to a sold out crowd. During the concert, a work in progress cut of the documentary We Like It Like That: The Story of Latin Boogaloo was shown. If you missed the historic show (which was filmed and will be included in the documentary itself), here’s a chance for you to be involved in a really cool project. NYC native writer and filmmaker, Mathew Ramirez Warren is putting together this project to document the history and excitement of the Latin Boogaloo movement. Considered an expert in the field of Latin music, a contributor to the NYTimes and Wax Poetics on the subject, as well as a writer of Fania vinyl reissue liner notes, Mathew Ramirez Warren needs your help. He’s trying to raise funds to finish the film through the online fundraising tool Kickstarter, and has until October 9th to raise $15,000. (He has raised almost $6K so far). The film itself showcases Boogaloo artists Joe Bataan, Johnny Colon, Ricardo Ray, Jimmy Sabater (of the Joe Cuba Sextet), Joey Pastrana, Larry Harlow, Harvey Averne, Angel Lebron (of the Lebron Brothers), Benny Bonilla (of the the Pete Rodriguez band), and Felipe Luciano, and contains commentary from such music scholars as Aurora Flores, Sandra Maria Esteves, Alex Masucci, Oliver Wang, Juan Flores, Bobby Sanabria, Bobbito Garcia and others. There is also a fundraising screening party as well screening at Launchpad Art Space in Brooklyn on Thursday September 29th.

“The purists took over and they brought back the typical Latin sound, and they kept it that way ”- Joe Bataan from We Like It Like That

The trailer, which is available on their Kickstarter page, looks really impressive. Donations start at $1, and with each donation you get some pretty cool stuff. If you are a music enthusiast, Latin fanatic, or just want to be a part of history, go to the link below and donate. This looks to be one of the better music documentaries on the subject, and when the project is finished, we will let you know. This music, like much of the music here on Flea Market Funk, needs to be preserved, and Mathew Ramirez Warren seems to be going in the right direction by preserving not only the music, but the history and culture that goes along with the thing we call Latin Boogaloo. Keep Diggin’!

Visit their Kickstarter page here.

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