The Baker Brothers Are Back!

The Baker Brothers are back. If you’re not familiar with this five piece modern funky soul machine, I would urge you to do so. For the last ten years, the Baker Brothers have been filling and consequently rocking dance floors all over the world with their brand of high powered Funk and Soul. Moving around record labels Emi, P-Vine and Freestyle in the past decade, it looks like the brothers have landed a permanent home over at the Milan, Italy based label Record Kicks. The label has been highly praised by such music luminaries such as BBC’s Craig Charles and DJ Snowboy, and the band itself has caught the attention of Keb Darge, DJ Muro, and ?uestlove who have put them at the top of this music movement. Finally, The Baker Brothers will fit right in besides label mates Nick Pride and the Pimptones, Baby Charles, the Privates Hammond Orchestra and the rest of the funky stable Record Kicks has to offer.

“Thumping modern with all the right ingredients to cause a stir on the dancefloor!” – Jazzman Gerald (Jazzman Records)

Picking things up where their previous top singles “Once I Had a Friend” and “The Young Patter” / “Patience” left off, the end result is the full length Time To Testify. This full length is a great mix of Modern Funk and Soul, Jazz, and what they like to call “a little bit of everything in between”. A staple on the festival circuit, the Baker Brothers have supported legends like Sly and the Family Stone and John Scofield, artists that you just don’t trip over to open for, their live show is that good. Known for their explosive stage presence, Time To Testify is sure to be a future classic. Support original bands carrying on the tradition of playing original music that’s funky and soulful. Check out the video for the first single below:

The Baker Brothers – Make Your Move

Buy the new record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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