De La Soviet: East Meets East

With so many blends going on, people are definitely stepping up the game with what they are putting an acapella over these days. Case in point: Miami producer TenDJiz has released this little gem to the masses. In an unheard of move, he’s paired up Long Islands’s hardest working trio (the brothers from the East with the beats that be thorough), De La Soul with some Soviet, Soul and Jazz. While you may be saying “what is this guy talking about over at FMF?” in the back of your head, hear me out. I’m feeling this, and I have a hunch that you will too. This is some lazy day shit people. I believe I could pump this on a road trip, bike ride, or on a Sunday afternoon while cooking some marvelous shit up in the kitchen. Already gaining high remarks from the likes of Wax Poetics, XXL, Blurt, and the Miami New Times, get this thing before it’s gone. It’ll have you saying: “Xotite potancevat”!

Track listing:
1. Oooh
2. The Grind Date
3. Stakes Is High
4. Trouble In The Water
5. Shoomp
6. Hold Tight
7. All Good
8. More Than You Know
9) Jenifa Taught Me
10. Much More
11. Itzsoweezee
12. Rock Co.Kane Flow

All tracks produced/mixed/mastered by TenDJiz at TenDJiz Miami Studio

Keep Diggin’!

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