File Under Interesting: Fat Night – Sometimes

Getting submissions sometimes is like some espionage game. Instead of slipping it in a manilla envelope inside a copy of the Metropolitan section of the Times and giving it to me nonchalantly at Union Square, I get music delivered via my Inbox. I get a lot of it. When it’s not non-appealing, repetetive commercial Hip Hop (sorry not my thing), it’s a lot like this file I got sent yesterday. Interesting. I liked it so much, I bumped it up in the queue of articles to write. Here’s the message I got with it:

New group out of Central Florida

[inserted file url]



Now if that isn’t some spy shit, I don’t know what is.

From what I gathered, the trio known as Fat Night is out of Central Florida, USA. Members Ted(bass), Nik (drums), and Dan (guitar/voice) have a sound that’s a cross between a young Johnny Talbot and Jon Spencer or the Black Keys (which is most likely the obvious comparison). Slipping between dirty vocals and an in the pocket groove locked in nicely by Ted and Nik, “Sometimes” winds through some dirty Blues influenced funky Soul and goes into a guitar frenzy before your head keeps nodding to the outro. Recorded in a late night jam session, this unsigned band definitely has some potential, so I’d like to hear some more, and I’d like it to be fuzzy and dirty please. Always great to get an interesting submission here at FMF, no word if they’re gonna press up some 45’s yet. Contact their booking agent if you want Fat City to play your event.

Fat Night – Sometimes

Keep Diggin’!

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