Troubled (A Story of Truth)

Out of Akron, OH we have the documentary Troubled (A Story of Truth), which chronicles Iad (pronounced ee-Yad) Carson aka Truth, a mid-twenties father of three, who is trying to juggle being a father, raising a family, and make music. Not just any music, he is trying to escape his troubled past through positive messages in his music while he keeps his feet planted firmly in the reality of being an artist. Shot and directed by his business partner Shawn Collins, the short documentary explores the tightrope walk Carson does on the daily as he balances family life and life as an artist through candid interviews with friends and family. A great insight for all you aspiring artists out there who think the music business is all glitz and glam, fast cars, expensive watches and clothes. This will bring you back down to earth real quick.

More info on Iad Carson aka Truth over at Très Le Sant.

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