Wicked! Ice Cube Celebrates The Eames

Who knew Brad Pitt wasn’t the only Hollywood star that was into architecture? Raptor O’Shea Jackson aka Ice Cube, aka “tha n***a ya love to hate” celebrates The Eames for Pacific Standard Time in a new short promoting LA. Gangsta driving through his LA, he talks of the landmarks that are important to him, eventually ending up at The Eames house, where we get a quick walk through and some talk about his pre-NWA days when he studied architecture. The man has come a long way. Good for you O’Shea, way to go youngblood. You know we love our Hip Hop here at FMF, but throw in some Charles and Ray Eames and we’re in heaven.

“Who are these people who got a problem with LA? Maybe they mad cuz they don’t live here. ”-Ice Cube

We said it was wicked, here’s a 50 cent score from the old Englishtown Auction in Jersey about 10 years back. Cube sampled the Ohio Players, Das EFX, and Public Enemy on this one and enlisted some Ragga vocal stylings from Don Jaguar (plus studio help from DJ Pooh). Classic early 90’s fast flow from Cube, who won’t choke like the Buffalo Bills. One word. Lenchmob.

Ice Cube featuring Don Jaguar – Wicked from the Priority 12″/ Predator Lp

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