Benefit for Jonathan Toubin aka DJ Night Train

Jonathan Toubin and I have never met. We’ve been in the same circles, played the same clubs, and spun similar records. This past year we both had residencies at the Ace Hotel in NYC, Jonathan on Tuesday nights, me on Friday nights. He was a guy who I always said, “man we have to hook up and do a show, of course, all 45s”. It was one of those things that is on my list, but hasn’t happened yet. Even though we don’t know each other personally, we are brethren in the record sense, and he needs your help. In a complete and utter crazy event, while on tour in Portland, OR, Toubin was injured when a taxi crashed through his hotel room. A one in a million chance. Apparently the cab driver had a diabetic seizure, which caused the driver to lose control and plow through the first floor room Toubin was staying in. He was scheduled to play at the club Rotture on Thursday for the 5th Anniversary party I’ve Got a Hole In My Soul, and was listed in critical condition after the accident.

Tonight at the Motor City Bar & Home Sweet Home, they will hold benefits to help Jonathan and his medical bills. Here are the details:


8PM – 9PM Ethan Miller
9PM – 10PM Andy Animal/Danny Goldshtein
11PM – 4AM Josh Styles/Billy & Miriam of NORTON RECORDS

There will also be a raffle for a bunch NORTON RECORDS merchandise!

$10 suggested donation! ALL MONEY GOING TO JONATHON!


10PM – 4AM Drew Redmond/Jerry Lee

Suzanne Rogaleski will be donating a private trapeze lesson to raffle winner!


Here’s the Facebook page with more details.

Here is the Pay Pal e mail to donate to Jonathan directly.

Also, his booking agent released this message:

“Hi, this is Michelle, Jonathan Toubin’s friend and booking agent. If you are interested in organizing a benefit for Jonathan as I’ve been hearing a lot of people are, please direct your emails/ideas/ requests to this e mail address. We’ll be organizing benefits via that email account. Thanks for your support.”

We here at FMF are keeping Jonathan Toubin in our thoughts and wish him a speedy recovery.

Keep Diggin’!

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