Truth and Soul Announce New Lee Fields

In the sad state of music today, where one has to wade through a lot of horrible stuff that passes for musicians these days, there is a silver lining. That silver lining is Lee Fields. On March 13, 2012, Truth and Soul Records will release Faithful Man, the follow up to the smash 2009 Lp My World. Backed by the hardest working band around, Truth and Soul Records house band The Expressions, this record is highly anticipated. If you are a fan of Funk and Soul, a fan of Lee Fields, or just a fan of good music, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not picking his record up when it drops.

“ “In a curious case of musical evolution, the older Fields becomes, the closer he gets to perfecting the sound of soul that he grew up with as a young man ”- Oliver Wang

Mr. Fields carries the torch and keeps the flame burning for Funk and Soul music. He, along side bands like Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, labels like Colemine, Starla, and Our Records (which we will profile here at FMF soon) among others, rise up among the bastion of bands who claim to be a throwback or reside on a major label as throwback. The reason Fields rises up is simple: Lee Fields is the real deal. He’s done his musical bid, moved around on over 12 record labels before coming to his permanent home of T&S. How many people can claim they have played with a bands like Kool and the Gang and Sammy Gordon and the Hip Huggers? Not familiar with Gordon? Check out “Upstairs at Boston Road” or “Jungle Bump” to get the sound, and you’ll see what I mean about Fields’ contribution to this music genre. He’s breathed Funk and Soul music, toured throughout the world and his 43 year old career shows no sign of stopping. If you’re just getting hip to Fields, I suggest you grab My World from Truth and Soul. If you’re lucky enough to be able to get your hands on some of his older 45’s, let’s say “The Funky Screw”, “Let’s Talk It Over”, or “I’m the Man”, you will hear a man who is Soul. This progenitor of the movement (Funk and Soul that is) is equally entertaining on tape as he is live, and translates well with both. This March, Fields once again shows the world what the genre is about. He can do that, because he not only plays the real part, he lived it his whole life.

Here’s my review of Lee Fields and the Expression Live at Central Park Summerstage this past summer here.

Lee Fields- “You’re The Kind Of Girl”

Download the track, “You’re The Kind Of Girl” from Rolling Stone.

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