Label Profile: Our Label Records

In 2005, DJ Gu and Brother Tom decided to form their own record label. Gu, a DJ since age 12 had discovered that he loved rare Funk, Soul, and Jazz sometime in the mid 1990’s. His involvement with Urban Jazz Groove in Bremen, Germany (his hometown) put him on the international DJ circuit. One of his stops was in London, with Keb Darge and his Legendary Deep Funk night. Gu decided that in order to be more well recognized as a DJ (as well as a producer and composer), the two would start a record label. With intentions on bringing new and unheard Funk and Soul to the masses, Gu wrote a song, which was performed by the Leeds, UK band The New Mastersounds. The result, after a two hour studio session was a mobile recorded “Give Me A Minute Part 1”. The brothers describe the end result in their words: “… and all of a sudden we were on the train from Leeds to London with a very rough recording of The New Mastersounds on an old mobile.” Our Label Records was born.

“ When Our Label Records releases the Funk, I take note ”-Professor Groove, WEFUNK

Six years and six releases later, Our Label Records have absolutely made a name in the Funk world. Case in point: the first Osaka Monaurail 7″ and two exclusive Keb Darge productions sold out quickly. After a two year hiatus, Our Label Records is back, and they return with a new side: “ABX”, by Swiss multi-instrumentalist Sir Ali Bengali released in November, as well as four new releases slated for 2012. They have also parted ways with Unique Records who handled their distribution, to take over it themselves. This two year hiatus was used to get back to grassroots and will ensure that they will be able to oversee the whole operation, ensuring better international delivery and distribution and gain full control of the business. Their international artist roster so far has bands from the UK, Japan, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Canada, Italy and is growing.

Their stable of artists is very strong, the aforementioned Osaka Monaurail, The Magnificent Freedom (which is a great record btw), The Inmates, Wake and Bake!, as well as The New Mastersounds, and the addition of Sir Ali Bengali no doubt will raise eyebrows throughout the Funk and Soul community, if not the rest of the world. Our Label Records is another great example of a label that is putting out great music, even if it’s a bit under the radar. If you’re in the Funk and Soul community, most likely you have heard of these guys. I’ve featured releases on past FMF mixes, and they have gotten considerable airplay in the UK, Europe and Japan. If you’re not in the know, get familiar. It seems that the time out revamped the whole company, the philosophy, and expect to hear a lot from Our Label Records in 2012.

Check out Our Label Records Soundcloud Page.

For Updates, Merchandise, and more info, visit their web site.

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Snippet of the latest release from Our Label Records, Sir Ali Bengali – ABX

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