Diazpora – Song 2

I find that the best cover songs are usually in the Funk and Reggae realm. Early Reggae that was covering Motown and R & B that they heard on American airwaves, or from the records that were brought back from the States just can’t be beat. In the modern sense, it seems like a lot of Funk and Soul bands were resurrecting the sounds of artists like JB and Marva Whitney, but also dabbling in covers of Rock songs. Adam aka Lack of Afro has a cracker of a cover of Arctic Monkeys “When The Sun Goes Down”, and now our friends in Germany at Our Records have released a little Rock cover of their own. The most well known Blur song, “Song 2”, or the Woo Hoo song if you will, has been “reinvented as an uptempo Deep Funk tune by Diazpora with tight horns and featuring the vocal talents of Hamburg’s Nora Kinga Becker, who gives the song the soulful edge it deserves.” It’s the second record produced by Our Label’s own Gu, and it’s a belter.

Nora Kinga Becker channels N’Dea Davenport via Damon Albarn’s lyrics, while Diazpora’s tight drums, wah wah guitar, and horn section move your body and shake your ass to the groove. Lest we not forget the bass line, which will keep you dippin’ for the entire 2:12. As Keb Darge once said: “I play fucking records that I think are great, and that’s my style”. I couldn’t agree more with that statement in terms of this record.

Snippet of Diazpora – Song 2 on Soundcloud

Hear the full length on Our Records You Tube Channel

Buy this record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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