Jazzman Records: The Interview

I’m excited to announce that the next Big Ups interview will be, to me, the best digger and preserver of Funk, Soul, Jazz, and many other genres. A true defender of the underdog musicians throughout the world. A man that has dedicated his life to keeping this music we all love alive. I, along with countless others have bought these records, gained knowledge from Gerald, and enjoyed the many Lps, 7″s, and compilations he’s put out through the years. He was the first person to actually do a regional Funk compilation properly with Hard Texas Funk. While others were bootlegging, Gerald did his due diligence, put the legwork in, and came out with the official compilation. This set the bar for all of the future compilations. Label scans, rare photos, band info, studio info, and anything else that was relevant was included. All of this (for the most part) is common place these days. Everyone from Numero to Now Again to anyone else resurrecting and releasing these forgotten artists and music owes a debt of gratitude to Jazzman.

β€œ We’re validating a style of music that was already there but wasn’t being done properly. ”-Jazzman Gerald on Jazzman Records, 2011

Here is an interview done in December 2011 in Lausanne, Switzerland where Gerald speaks on Jazzman Records, how he got his start, and what the label is all about. It’s a great insight on the label’s philosophy, a brief history of the music he preserves, and why it’s important that it’s to be done properly. As I said earlier, I’ve got Gerald in a Big Ups interview that will drop next week. Here’s a little back ground for those who are or aren’t familiar. It’s a great insight into the life and views of the man they call Jazzman Gerald.

Jazzman Gerald Interview 2011

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