Big Ups with Jazzman Gerald

Of all of the Big Up interviews (which btw have all been great in my opinion), this has been the most anticipated. Jazzman Gerald is a guy who does things the way he wants. In other words, he is the guy who set the bar for reissues and bringing the underdog artist to the public’s eyes and ears. He has been doing it well, taking care of the artists he reissues, all the while running a record label dynasty that is quite impressive. When not DJing rare music all over the world, he’s keeping all the record collectors, DJs, producers and artists scrambling to get his latest releases and compilations. Heard he’s a football supporter, but no mention of it in the interview. Gerald get at me on that! It is an honor for us to have Gerald in this latest installment of Big Ups. Enjoy!

Jazzman Records on the web.

TheJazzman Gerald Blog. See what he’s up to.

Follow Jazzman on twitter.

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