Secret Stash Records: Twin Cities Grooves

The greatest thing about music, especially unreleased music, is that eventually someone finds it. Whether it’s some private press 45 in the trash, an acetate that was found at a garage sale, or as we found out this week from Jazzman Gerald, a lost master tape in a box in Texas, what one does with it is the important thing. Sites like mine and others that share these lost records help bring attention to the forgotten artists. Record labels like Minneapolis’ Secret Stash, go a step further. They not only find this forgotten and sometimes unreleased music, they put it out on vinyl. So far they have close to two dozen releases that range from African music to Russian and Peruvian Funk to Reggae interpretations of Miles Davis to lost Blaxploitation Soundtracks to Gospel Funk and more. The do it up right, give the Lp packaging the special deluxe treatment, and point blank put out good product.

“ We are dedicated to one thing, releasing great music in great collectible LP packages. ”

Their latest release is from Mickey Murray. Murray did his time on the Chitlin’ Circuit, as well as playing with Dyke and the Blazers, Wilson Picket, Staple Singers, and Aretha Franklin among others. Known for his hit single, the Otis Redding cover of “Shout Bamalama” from 1967, this Georgia native was slated to be the next James Brown. He released a record on King, People Are Together that never saw the light of day in proper retail stores. You know the rest. Fading again into obscurity, Murray has been out of the business for sometime. These days, singing at low key church functions and the like make up his schedule, as opposed to backing up the day’s best Soul singers and groups. Secret Stash have reissued this gem of a record, helping to resurrect the Soul legend’s career once again. The overall response for the record so far was overwhelming, and it’s first run with a bonus 45 has sold out already. It’s exactly the kind of stuff we like to see here at FMF. Reissues done properly, artists being taken care of, and lost music preserved. The secret is out, and you will most certainly hear from Secret Stash Records again in the future.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Big Ups interview with Secret Stash owner Eric Foss.

Check out Secret Stash on the web.

Secret Stash social media: twitter, facebook, myspace, and You Tube.

Check out Mickey Murray’s record release party photos from last week in MPLS.

Secret Stash stops at KFAI to talk about their Mickey Murray release.

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