Big Ups with DJ Format

If you are not familiar with DJ Format’s CV, then you should be. This guy is a true artist, who is promoting Hip Hop music and proper lifestyle, keeping the torch of the founding fathers of this genre alive. From his Music For the Mature B-Boy release to the video for “We Know Something You Don’t Know” to The Simonsound (with a ton of records and DJ gigs in between), Format has established himself firmly as a solid producer, DJ, and artist. We’re excited to have him this week on Big Ups.

More info on DJ Format here.

His new record, Statement of Intent, will be available on Feb. 27th at better record stores world wide.

Statement of Intent Sampler Video

DJ Format feat. Sureshot La Rock Dope Pusher

Keep Diggin’!

4 responses to “Big Ups with DJ Format

  1. the q-bert mix he mentioned is most likely, Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Muzik, a pre-school break mix. Came out in 94 I think… by the late 90’s I copped the tape at a local hip-hop record store… and then there was a CD issued.
    Big ups Dj Format!!
    keep up the dope interviews Prestige!

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