The 45 Shirt: FMF x Listen Clothing

A while back I put out the 45 shirt design, but just couldn’t get a collaboration that was quite right. However, as like minded individuals seem to always get together, the collaboration between Flea Market Funk and Listen Clothing begins. I have been a fan and supporting this company since their inception, and when I was on tour a few years back, my man Renz sent me a box of Listen stuff that has been worn on countless gigs, tours, and the like. Listen Clothing has been preserving the music, culture, and quality artists for over 10 years through their clothing and accessory lines. I am proud to announce the first (of many hopefully) Limited Edition tee shirt collaborations between Flea Market Funk and Listen: The 45 shirt.

Here’s a shirt that all you 45 heads have been fiending for: a nod to graphic design and typography combined with some great Funk and Soul 45 bands. There are some easy finds on here as well as some Holy Grails. We all have some of them, we all want some of them, but the bottom line is that these records are appreciated. I wanted to help preserve these artists in one of the most creative ways I could think of, the tee. We’re also working on some limited edition prints as well. After all, it’s “The Way We Live”.

Stay tuned for more details about buying this design in shirt and print form.

Click here to enlarge the graphic.

Keep Diggin’!

15 responses to “The 45 Shirt: FMF x Listen Clothing

  1. Yeah Prestige!!!! U know Im coppin one. Save me an XL and let me know where to pay!!!!! Well done lad.

  2. Been waiting on more details about this shirt. Might want to cop me more than one. Congrats on the collaboration with Listen.

  3. Will you make it available through something like Otherwise, postage to people outside the US will be huuuuge.

  4. Tom…I’m going to work together with Listen to make this shirt available world wide as affordable as we can. There is a giant demand so far in Europe so we will sort out the particulars to make sure all the heads get this shirt!

  5. Any news on these? I might have to go bare chested if I can’t get one soon! (ps I’m a really hairy dude who doesn’t lift weights so yeah that’s unintentionally a threat)

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