Big Ups with Phill Most Chill aka SOULMAN

If you have been a digger for the last twenty years or so, you have heard of SOULMAN. From his World of Beats column in Rap Sheet magazine to his series of original sample themed mix tapes (which one was your fave?) to his limited edition, hand drawn 12″ covers, there’s not much you can’t say he hasn’t done. One of the originators of breaking down the original sample and making mix tapes, as in cassettes, SOULMAN is known throughout the world for unearthing many a lost record through his practice of vinyl archeology. His creative series of mixes have been dubbed, bootlegged, and now compressed into mp3 form for the next generation of producers/ DJs to learn from. He was one of the first bloggers to give FMF a chance, and I am very grateful for that. An elder statesman in the Rap and digging game, SOULMAN and his alter ego Phill Most Chill have contributed to some of the best beats, records, mixes, since the 90’s. My dude is straight Hip Hop from the word go. We’re happy to have this legend for this week’s Big Ups interview. Enjoy.

Check out That Real Schitt; making the truth convenient once more.

Phill Most’s facebook page.

Phill Most Chill on twitter.

World of Beats site.

Keep Diggin’!

2 responses to “Big Ups with Phill Most Chill aka SOULMAN

  1. Legend. Lots of words of wisdom in there, kiddies. Phill I recall trying to convince you to spin on the Underground Railroad a few times too, got you in the studio once but couldn’t get you on the decks haha!

  2. Monk One, what up my man! Yeah, that was cool, me and Mr. Supreme on the Underground Railroad… what was that, like 1999 or somewhere around there? I think I said it right on your show that I’m really not a DJ, didn’t I? Ha ha… Hope you’re doing good, hit me on FB if you get a minute.

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