Soul Investigators – Creepin’ Pt. 1 + 2

Soul, even down to the record sleeve!

There are throwback Soul bands, and then there are bands that attempt to get the Soul sound. Then there are big time musicians that grab the good Soul bands and use them to achieve the right sound they want (see Mark Ronson on Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black record and proper use of the Dap King Horns to start with ). The bands that are doing it for the love, recording and playing the way they did in the late 60’s and early 70’s, pressing up these tunes on 7″ vinyl, hustling to keep this music alive, they are the ones who always rise to the top. The Soul Investigators are one of these bands. Breaking out as Calypso King and the Soul Investigators in the late 90’s, their Soul Fire release Soul Strike is a solid Soul classic, and from there it has been nothing but gravy. Backing Nicole Willis (and making President Obama’s music playlist as well), the Soul Investigators have made quite a name for themselves in the world of Funk and Soul since those early studio days. They are busy recording, making, and pressing records like the government presses money. It’s great to see a whole crew keeping this sound and music lifestyle alive and kicking in a world where auto tune and computer technology has dominated the music biz (except the Foo Fighters according to Dave Grohl’s Grammy speech). So here we have the Soul Investigators latest on Timmion Records, “Creepin’ Part 1″.

Moving forward like a freight train, the Soul Investigators let out this Hammond beast that has some surf overtones throughout. With the horn section as the catalyst, the Investigators go creepin’ through this 7″ release with their special brand of funky soul. Known for backing some of today’s best musicians: Nicole Willis, Big Joe Louis, and Myron and E., Herb Johnson, the Investigators take the spotlight this time with this 7”. It’s good to see the band in the spot light instead of being behind an ampersand in writing. These guys deserve all the accolades they get. Look out for a Big Ups with Timmion and the Soul Investigators Jukka next week.

Buy the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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