Lee Fields: Faithful Man Listening Party in Brooklyn

It’s that time again: Baby JB, the explosive Lee Fields and the one and only Expressions record release party for their Truth and Soul LP Faithful Man on March 17th over at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. If you haven’t got a chance to check out Mr. Fields “do the do”, and you’re in the Tri-State area, I’d highly advise you to get these tickets before they sell out. His smash follow up to My World, Faithful Man, has been called “nothing short of incredible”. If it is anything like My World, it’s going to be more than solid all the way through. We’re talking real Soul people, live and in the flesh. Lee Fields is a man who has lived through the tales he tells through the music, and puts on one hell of a show. We need more artists like Fields in this music industry.

DJing the show will be Akalepse and Chairman Mao, so expect some heavy crates. As a bonus (as if seeing Lee Fields weren’t enough), you get the Truth and Soul DJs taking over the turntables. I’m speaking on Jeff Dynamite, El Michels, & Akalepse and a bonus after party as well right next door.

Rolling Stone is streaming this record today and today only here. Check it out before it’s March 13th release.

Buy tickets for this event here.

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