Hot Peas & Butta: A Creative Force In Music, Art & Collecting

Photo by Micheal Regan

Check out the feature on Hot Peas and Butta team members Skeme Richards aka The Nostalgia King and artist Lance Pilgrim as they explain the aesthetics behind the Hot Peas and Butta brand. Like the music they preserve, they talk about the inspiration of the 70’s, film, animation, and true culture behind that music. If you have ever been to any of the HP&B events, listened to a mix, watched the ultra rare footage of Blaxploitation, cartoons, Soul Train, commercials, and Kung Fu flix among others on the screen as the DJs spin, you know the vibe they give out: a good dance party that plays quality music. That’s right people, I said dance. Don’t get caught being a wallflower, listen to Skeme: “It’s Soul music and everybody has a Soul”. So dance people! Shout out to Museum of Uncut Funk for highlighting this dream team. Look for more HP&B events in a city near you soon.

Check out Hot Peas & Butta on the Museum of Uncut Funk

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