Big Ups with $mall ¢hange

This week’s Big Ups gives us one of NYC’s most well known DJs, $mall ¢hange. Here is a guy who has an extensive knowledge of just about every genre of music, and finds a way to slip it in his sets, radio shows, etc. One of the hardest working DJs around, you can find Small Chizzy in the five boroughs of NYC, tearing it up at Burning Man, holding down Miami and a plethora of international gigs, on the radio at WFMU or East Village Radio, or just plain waxing fools about politics and world affairs. We’re very excited to have him in this week’s Big Ups.

$mall ¢hange on the web

WFMU $mall ¢hange archives

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Stinky Steve Big Ups Small Change

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2 responses to “Big Ups with $mall ¢hange

  1. Every DJ/ record collector that I have known in NYC in the last 10-15 years has at least one
    Stinky Steve story. It’s truly amazing how this guy gets around. Most people hate dealing with
    him. But they do because he always comes with the goods that everyone is looking for.As a
    fellow record collector, you learn right away that most people in this business are a little strange. That being said, that would make Stinky Steve the pied piper.

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