RSD Preview 2012: Polyrhythmics Split 7″ Pink Wasabi

As we celebrate records, so do we celebrate (or pre-celebrate) the day called Record Store Day here at FMF. There are always some interesting releases, and this year is no different. Both Jim from Electric Cowebell in Brooklyn and Seattle’s Polyrhythmics have teamed up for an exciting split 7″ called “Pink Wasabi”. Here’s what they have to say about it:

“This record represents what itʼs all about for us at Electric Cowbell Records-a three way collaboration with no contract. Just an agreement between three parties to make something extra special. Brooklyn-based afro-dub purveyors Super Hi Fi deliver what they do best and commit to wax some classic, two trombone-fueled dub thatʼs reminiscent of Rico Rodriguezʼs hauntingly evocative downtempo work on the The Specialʼs Ghost Town. On the flipside you have Seattleʼs Polythythmics weighing in with a grooving instrumental propelled by an in-the-pocket rhythm section thatʼs crazy-glued together by a swaggering horn section. Itʼs the perfect stealthy soundtrack for sneaking down the alley, breaking in a bank, and cracking a safe with a smooth getaway into the sunset. The label design includes an iconic nod to each of the groupʼs territories: Brooklynʼs Williamsburg Bridge for Super Hi Fi and Seattleʼs Fremont Bridge for Polyrthythmics. Weʼre pleased to offer up such a gem just in time for Record Store Day 2012!”

This tune needs a car chase to go behind it on the screen, so all you film makers out there, if you’re in need of some good car chase music, the Polyrhythmics and Electric Cowbell are who you need to call.

This will be limited to 500 records pressed. Vist Electric Cowbell for more info.

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One response to “RSD Preview 2012: Polyrhythmics Split 7″ Pink Wasabi

  1. Holy cow! (pun intended). That’s some hot stuff! Props to Electric Cowboy for this 7″, can’t wait for RSD2012 and more exclusive releases to be announced.

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