Big Ups with Fidel Cutstro

Brighton’s Fidel Cutstro (one of the most innovative DJ names I have seen in sometime) has been tearing up the UK DJ scene for some time. A member of the Unemployed Super Heroes Crew and also a talented producer, Cutstro’s Golden Age mindset and influences have made him what he is today. A certified record junkie, it’s with great pleasure to feature one of the UK’s stand out DJs in this week’s Big Ups.

Fidel Cutstro Community Scratch Tour 2011

Grab the latest podcast from Rarekind Records and Uncooked Raw Pt. 2 mixed by Fidel Cutstro on his soundcloud page.

Check out Fidel Cutstro on facebook.

Keep Diggin’!

One response to “Big Ups with Fidel Cutstro

  1. Cutsro is my homie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the nicest and most talented dudes out there!! Big up homie, Snafu

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