The Biz Mark is Goin’ Off

I collect records, but I also dabble in other stuff. When you go to flea markets, thrift stores and stoop sales, you see all kinds of things. Before I was married, I picked up everything: vintage posters, magazines, video games, books, paintings, housewares, clothes, electronic equipment, you name it. I weeded out most of the stuff and I’d like to believe I have an eclectic collection of stuff. I am no where near a guy like Skeme Richards, or Supreme La Rock. These guys have everything, not just records. The one guy Skeme and I always talk about is the Biz. You name it, the Biz has it. I believe it too. To further illustrate the point, Biz was featured on Celebrity House Hunters. Wheelchair Barbie? The Biz has it. Mattel Electronic Basketball? Got it. Diana Ross doll? Check. This is not even getting into the records, sneakers, and the holy grail CTI briefcase with Bob James “Take Me To The Mardi Gras” without the bells. You get my drift.

The Biz refers to himself as an “avid” collector (Barbie dolls included), and apparently has so much stuff he needs a new house. Gawker says he’s a “possible hoarder”, but I disagree. Can’t the Biz just live and get a bigger house? He says he needs a bigger place to showcase his collection, just like a museum. I say find that new house Biz, and show us your stuff!

See the video here.

Just like the Biz, Keep Diggin’!

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