Big Ups with DJ Cheese

DJ Cheese is the DJ soley responsible for changing the DMC contest from a dancing to definitive DJ battle it is today. Before Cheese, there was no DMC as we know it. The evolution of the scratch, the routines, and battles all evolved all through DJ Cheese. A talented DJ who started out with the Z-3 MCs in ’85 and made himself a household Hip Hop name with Word of Mouth, is back after a hiatus. Previously touring with Eric B. and Rakim, Grandmaster Flash, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam as well as extensively in Europe , this turntable innovator is picking up where he left off. It is with great respect and pleasure for me to bring you DJ Cheese this week in Big Ups.

DJ Cheese 1986 DMC Finals

Check out DJ Cheese on Bass Station internet radio every Thursday night 4pm to 7pm US time and 9pm to 12am GMT

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Keep Diggin’!

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