DJ Snafu Hammond Mix

Since the birth of my son, things have been a bit hectic in the Flea Market Funk household. With diaper changes to Gal Costa, playtime to DJ Format, naps to Alice Clark (the latest baby approved record), and even tummy time to MC Shy-D, we get it all in. It takes up a lot of the day. Besides that, I’ve also been working with Eilon over at Dust & Grooves on a huge project that is dropping in the near future and that is taking up some time as well. I apologize in advance if I miss some stuff that was sent my way.

My man DJ Snafu sent some stuff to me a few weeks ago and he just reminded me about it. He also just sent me the bonus all 45 Hammond mix. It’s entitled: Snafu likes Hammond 45s Because Ginger Girls Like Hammond 45s. You can get it over at his Mixcloud page below.

Snafu Like Hammond 45s Because Ginger Girls Like Hammond 45s

Snafu, also part of the Bankrupt Europeans aka Bankrupt Euros, have put out some records with eternal B Boy and someone I profiled in Big Ups a little while back, Phill Most Chill aka Soul Man. Phill Most Chill’s is the alter rap ego of Soul Man, who has been getting his props lately on the DJ Format release Statement of Intent. The mix is free, but support these guys and go buy the record.

Here are some snippets of the Bankrupt Europeans featuring Phill Most Chill. Enjoy!

Email these guys to get a copy:

Keep Diggin’!

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