Hot Peas and Butta (Big Pimp Jones) – Kodoja: Remixed by Skeme Richards

This just in from the good people over at Hot Peas & Butta and Record Breakin’ music, an upcoming release (vinyl full length, 7″ and CD bundle) called Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown, music provided by the great Big Pimp Jones. If you’re not familiar, you need to get familiar. This 5 piece Hip Hop live band with major Funk overtones has been releasing some great music under the BPJ monicker as well as a few aliases: Clarence Foster and the Internal Revenue Service and Nosotros Pimpamos (both on sold out 7″s for the Freestyle Records label). This band has drums. Big drums, and a big sound. Whether they are releasing faux, lost Blaxploitation OST’s, 7″s, or full lengths on a major label, this band’s unique sound is propelling them far.

On the heels of the Kaiju soundtrack Project:Kyojo from October of 2011, comes Kodoja. This non album exclusive mix by Skeme Richards clocks in at just under 20 minutes, and id chock full of great cinema and monster movie samples from a dude that knows not only his music, but these movies as well. The record itself comes out on June 1, 2012. Here’s the details from Record Breakin’ on the project:






With the task of creating ‘the most powerful weapon the world will ever see’, Special weapons Division is formed. Using designs perfected in 1957, the building of a 15-story high robot begins. Weapons systems identified for the program include heat rays to be shot from the eyes and a hull with nuclear weapons capability, able to deploy a warhead with the correct launch codes. The fists can fire from the body and retract back using a strong cabling system. The piece de resistance of Project Kyojo is a computer capable of not only processing tasks and actions but also thinking, reacting and learning from situations. Over time it can use experience form battle simulations and choose on its own the best action to take.

Unfortunately something goes wrong in late-stage tests – suspicion surrounds the origin of the metal used to build the robot (the best metal for the purpose was part of a scrap receovery at Saipan Island in the Pacific) and the robot begins learning quickly. On November 10, 1961 the project is shut down after the final battle simulation (driven by a highly advanced robot that outmanuvers all fighters and tanks, then deploys a nuclear warhead to the testing station) results in four casualties and the complete destruction of the simulation battlefields, facilities and their weapons system.

Gone unnoticed at the time is a major seismic event that takes place on November 8, 1961 in the Pacific. The tremors are felt as far as 4,000 miles away though due to its remote, non-civilian location minimal casualties and damage occur. Naval researchers show bizarre readings of oceanic creature movements, away from the epicenter.”

For fans of large drums, OSTs, monster movies, as well as some horror/ monster trailers, this record is for you. Skeme also has you covered with this remix. Support this label and these great artists by getting a copy of this sound track when it comes out. We are ordering it as we write this…..

Hot Peas and Butta (Big Pimp Jones) – Kodoja (Non Album Exclusive mix by Skeme Richards)

Available here.

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