Big Fun In the Big Town

The New York of 1986 is much different from the New York of today. For one week in 1986, Dutch filmmaker, journalist and rap fanatic Bram Van Splunteren came to the United States to see what the new subculture of Hip Hop was all about. With just his crew, a map, and a list of numbers, Van Splunteren’s aim was to find out what this new music called Hip Hop was all about.

After that week, Van Splunteren had a gold mine of footage from the trip. Footage that included Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash, LL Cool J, and all the founding fathers of the Golden Hip Hop era. Unfortunately, for twenty five years, this footage has not seen the light of day here in the States. However, after a quarter century, the footage has returned to the birthplace of Hip Hop, in the new DVD Big Fun In the Big Town.

This documentary shows Hip Hop music from every possible angle when the genre was young, future artists still lived with their Grandmothers, and the art form itself was an even hustle for everyone that was trying to make it. This DVD is available for the first time after 25+ years, and if you’re a fan of the music, a Hip Hop historian, or just want to know where your roots came from, this documentary is what you need.

Commercially available for the first time ever after more than 25 years, Big Fun in the Big Town is nothing short of a revelation. Dutch director Bram Van Splunteren is a well respected documentarian in the arts, music, and human interest fields. Known for previous documentaries about the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Loudon Wainwright among others, Big Fun In the Big Town looks to be another winner.

For more information, visit here.

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