Willie West – Cold In the Storm

A record label like Timmion Records out of Helsinki, Finland is like finding a needle in a haystack. What are the chances that a Soul label, in Finland, no less could consistently churn out limited edition 7″ Soul records that are PURE FIRE? If you have been paying attention to the newer Soul releases in the last bunch of years, the chances are pretty good. Jukka and the Timmion gang come correct with another Wille West & The High Society Brothers release, “Cold In The Storm”.

Willie West is a performer you may not have heard of. Former label Mates of Eldridge Holmes as well as Allen Toussaint, West has been called by some a “Soul Survivor”, and his recording career spans 5 decades. Somewhere in his late 60’s he is still going strong, a survivor of the music business, life’s ups and downs, and relocation from Post Katrina New Orleans. He’s another one you never heard of, but can stand up next to any Soul singer there ever was. Recording previously on labels like Frisco, Deesu, Josie, WB, among others, also joining up with the Meters for the great Black Sampson OST, West has been on a plethora of labels and rocked thousands of stages in his 50 year career. He’s the epitome of the Sly Stone side “Underdog”.

Dan Phillips has covered the career of Willie West extensively over at his Home of the Groove, and so has Larry over at Funky 16 Corners. Both of these dudes are way bigger Nawlins experts than me, so check them out for more info on West’s career.

Fresh off of the previously released “The Devil Gives Me Everything Part 1 & 2 ” and “Lesson Of Love Part 1 & 2” on Timmion , “Cold In the Storm” picks right up where the two singles left off. West and the High Society Brothers wail on this slow burner, that takes you back to a time when sweet Soul was king, people slow danced, and a horn section meant something. Besides Willie’s velvety voice, it’s Jukka’s (Timmion’s head honcho) drums and the subtlety of the horns that keep this thing floating through. Pressed in limited edition quantities, you’d better get this one before it slips away. BTW, the flip side “She’s So Wise” is a nice upbeat dance floor groover as well, so it’s a two for one from Timmion Records.

More ordering info from Soul Source UK

Email Timmion at sales(at)timmion.com for pre-order of this 7″

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